The construction of our robot was a relatively smooth process, though it had some big road blocks along the way. The war is won in the mind first and foremost, that's why we spent an entire two weeks brainstorming ideas. Every member of the team contributed and we voted on the best concepts.
After the design part, we split off into smaller groups and tasked them to get the materials to build a prototype for the drive system, collecting system, sorting system and shooter.
The main challenge was technical. How to get our hands on components that fit together. Finding the right shaft, for the right wheel, with the right bearing and the sprockets to go with it. And if not, could we machine the component?
After hours in the machine shop, going back to the drawing board and calling companies, the robot started taking shape and things fell into place.
Though not all our ideas were valid, we are happy with the outcome. We did learn a valuable lesson: when you specify a component to a supplier, double check what they will send because it might be the wrong part (this happened more than once!).