The Game

This year, the CRC Robotics competition is called Vertigoal. It involves two opposing teams, red vs. blue competing to score points by putting tennis balls of their team’s color into targets. Over 24 teams from High Schools, Colleges and Trade Schools will be competing for the grand prize.


There are a couple of design challenges that make this year’s competition interesting. For example:



The field has 5 levels so the robots must be able to climb them.


The targets are worth 10, 20 and 40 points each, however due to the size constraint of the robot (3′ x 3′ x 3′), a team can only drop tennis balls into the lowest 10 point target. Teams have to create a system on their robot to put tennis balls into the other targets.



Teams start with 10 tennis balls on their robot and must move around the stage collecting more. There are two mechanisms on the field that allow more tennis balls to be dropped. They involve pushing a button and pulling a rope.



 There are 5 heats in a round of 5 minutes each. It’s 2 vs. 2 so team work with another school is critical! Points of the top 3 heats are tabulated with the winners advancing in the tournament.



lastly, if you accidentally pick up another team’s ball, you must have a sorting system to get the ball off your robot. No sabotage or foul play allowed. The CRC competitions are friendly and designed for students to come together in a fun atmosphere to learn about science and engineering.